About KittyHawk Members Bortz and Edwards

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About KittyHawk Members Bortz and Edwards

About KittyHawk Members Bortz and Edwards

Bortz and Edwards are not novices in the world of professional music.  Hailing from Chicago, where Daniel Bortz began playing guitar at 14. Then moving to Phoenix for High School where Daniel joined different rock groups.  The next 10 years found him working as a part-owner and operator of a recording studio and teaching himself guitar […]

About KittyHawk Member Richard Elliott

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Saxophonist Richard Elliot played Kittyhawk and did some dream recording sessions with his Motown heroes Smokey Robinson, The Four Tops and The Temptations. Richard Elliot has a new album, Rock Steady, is Now Available at ITunes and Amazon! With a bestselling discography of over 15 recordings since 1986’s Initial Approach, thousands of live dates spanning […]

Connections to KittyHawk

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