Connections to KittyHawk

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Connections to KittyHawk

Connections to KittyHawk

The Lyricon Electronic Wind Instrument,

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The Lyricon is an electronic wind instrument, the first wind controller to be constructed. Invented by Bill Bernardi (and co-engineered by Roger Noble and with former Lyricon performer Chuck Greenberg[1][2]), it was manufactured by a company called Computone Inc in Massachusetts. The Lyricon was available in two different designs, the first one being somewhat silver […]

Fretless guitar

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A fretless guitar is a guitar without frets. It operates in the same manner as most other stringed instruments and traditional guitars, but does not have any frets to act as the lower end point (node) of the vibrating string. On a fretless guitar, the vibrating string length runs from the bridge, where the strings […]

Warr Guitar

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Touch-style master Randy Strom plays the blues on his Warr Guitar.

Kittyhawk First Flight

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Randy Strom interview for the PBS special “Kittyhawk First Flight”. August 1981.

Paul Edwards demonstrates The Chapman Stick®

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Paul Edwards demonstrates The Chapman Stick® You Tube Video of The Kitty Hawk Group.

Chapman Stick

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The Chapman Stick (generally known to its players simply as the Stick) is an electric musical instrument devised by Emmett Chapman in the early 1970s. A polyphonic member of the guitar family, the Chapman Stick has been used on many popular music recordings to play various parts (bass, lead, chords and textures).

Kittyhawk Portrait

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Kittyhawk group portrait by Santa Cruz artist John Wiebe.

Headline at Roxy Theater

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Kittyhawk at their first headline Roxy Theater engagement in Hollywood. Daniel Bortz-fretless guitar, Paul Edwards-Chapman Stick, Richard Elliott-Alto Sax and buried behind the drums is Michael Jochum.

Kittyhawk taping the KCET Special “First Flight”.

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Just after Kittyhawk signed with EMI Records in 1981 we were the opening act for a live broadcast from the John Anson Ford Theater in Los Angeles featuring Robin Ford and the Yellow Jackets. After the Concert KCET offered us the opportunity to do a special featuring Kittyhawk. You can see some of the Kittyhawk […]