Album Reviews

Occasionally, a new musical group emerges which not only captures an audience’s attention with its special sound, but also with the particular instruments that produce it. Kittyhawk is just such a group. — Jim Schwartz, Guitar Player Magazine

Ensemble playing is particularly clean and tight, full of soaring solos and shifting moods. All-original instrumentals, many from a debut EMI America release, show enough variation in content to maintain interest and excite, especially when Bortz and Edwards are together on stick guitars, hopping about as though on pogo sticks. — Variety 

This is an innovative group that is indicative of a pleasant shape in the jazz to come. Other musicians have recognized as much. — Steve Hallock, Arizona Republic

The highly-orchestrated sound is remarkably full and well-crafted, making this one of the year’s most worthwhile jazz albums. —New Orleans Times-Picayune

 Like all truly fine music, Kittyhawk’s defies classification. —Carmon Goldburg, Steppin’ Out