About KittyHawk Members Bortz and Edwards

July 20, 2010  |  About KittyHawk

Bortz and Edwards are not novices in the world of professional music.  Hailing from Chicago, where Daniel Bortz began playing guitar at 14. Then moving to Phoenix for High School where Daniel joined different rock groups.  The next 10 years found him working as a part-owner and operator of a recording studio and teaching himself guitar and absorbing influences from Glen Gouldl to Wes Montgomery.  It was also during this time that Bortz became disenchanted with a steady diet of rock and roll; so to provide himself with a new artistic release he gave up the recording studio and studied cello at Arizona State University.

In 1973, Bortz decided to leave Phoenix for LA, and he kept himself spiritually and financially occupied by composing and playing for various modern dance companies and playing numerous recording projects.  When he chanced upon the Guitar Player Magazine feature on Emmett Chapman and the Stick, he was captivated by it.  His ideas about music and the course he was to follow in the profession seemed to crystallize.

Paul Edwards, too was similarly affected by the Stick.  Born in Kansas City, but grew up in Southern California.  At age five he began taking piano lessons, and when he was 12 he became interested in singing and in folk guitar.

During high school Paul picked up acoustic and electric bass, but when he decided to attend college after graduation he became a dance major.  At California State University-Fullerton, Edwards continued to play acoustic guitar, gigging in small clubs around the area.  He moved to LA after college, and in 1974 he was on the same bill with Emmett Chapman-who at the time had been fine tuning his new invention.  Edwards was so impressed with the Stick that he gave up all his other instruments and pursued it full-time from 1975 to the present.